Laem Chabang Port to Don muang Airport                                                  SUV 2 - 4 persons

Laem Chabang Port to Don Muang Airport (DMK Airport)

Rate one way / 2,200 baht

Car Type /  SUV 

Passenger / 2 - 4 peoples

Luggage / 4  Suitcases( If you have big luggages, please book a van instead 

of car )

Meeting point / The lobby at hotel

Average distance / From Laem Chabang Port to Don Muang Airport 140 KM. / 2 hour.





Rates include

All fares shown are per vehicle and inclusive of taxes, fuel, tolls for expressways etc. There are no hidden extras or unnecessary stops. Quality drivers with the licences and trainng, payment card guarantee securty standard with confidence, the best service for customers best experiences

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